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Farming Concept

  • We follow the ethical principles of organic farming and permaculture.
  • We make all our farming inputs and we follow the ancient “Vriksha Ayurveda” system of Organic farming which has been lost over the years. We hope to revive this ancient Indian science with our efforts.
  • All our products are naturally processed and made by hand. We do not use any chemicals, preservatives, synthetic flavors or additives in our products.

Our Revenue Model

  • We are currently self-funded and are open to investments and partnerships in line with our expansion plans.


  • We work with the local community to promote organic farming methods and techniques.
  • We boost the rural economy by working with and employing local villagers.
  • All our vendors are sourced locally.
  • We have hosted over a 100 volunteers from over 15 countries who have helped and assisted on the farm.
  • We train and teach other local farmers about the benefits of organic farming.
  • Our products generate employment for women and lower income groups.


  • We are promoting the Indian governments “Make In India” policy by making organic products with Indian herbs and locally grown fruits.
  • In line with the government’s cashless economy drive, we act as an enabler since all our transactions are done digitally or through banking in a sector which is currently and predominantly operating on cash.
  • All our permits, certifications, licenses and taxes are filed and renewed regularly and with full transparency.

Ethics & Social Initiatives

  • We are an equal opportunity employer.
  • We do not work with children or underage labour.
  • We do not follow unfair trade practices.
  • We adopt and provide shelter to abandoned cows and produce our own biogas and organic manures using their waste.
  • All our products and produce are certified organic, natural and meet food safety and organic certification guidelines.


  • We recycle, recharge and conserve.
  • All our operations are based on sustainability.
  • We use rainwater harvesting for our water needs.
  • We have planted over 6000 trees to increase the green cover on our hillside. Not a single tree was cut to construct the buildings on our estate.
  • Our energy needs are produced by an on-site solar unit and the excess is supplied to the grid to power more homes.

Future Projections

  • We plan to expand our products and services in a phased and staggered manner over the next few years.
  • We plan to incorporate new technologies and procedures to boost production and improve on delivery systems.
  • We will be starting an Organic farmstay, which will boost employment as well as promote rural and farm tourism in the country.
  • Our farmstay is being built on an ecological model with natural and locally sourced materials. Our farmstay will be a green building project powered by solar power, recycling wastewater, and rainwater harvesting systems in place. The building project will have minimum impact on the environment.