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Valley View Organic Orchard & Farmstay is a 14-acre certified organic fruit orchard that grows about 42 types of seasonal and exotic fruits, a variety of vegetables and an assortment of herbs. “We also produce all our own pulses and wheat; oil and spices, and the milk are from our resident cows. We generate our own solar power and divert the surplus to the grid to power more homes. We make our own biogas, organic manures, and boosters, with natural materials and ingredients found on our property.


“My skin felt glowing, radiant and polished after washing off the pack which was a lovely feeling. The Hair Masque strengthens the hair making it feel lovely by improving the hair quality and density, arresting dandruff and hair fall concerns. You will feel link touching your soft hair again & again with more volume, bounce and health voila all that shines is your mane”


“I tried a sample pack and found I could actually feel and smell the raw earthiness of the natural ingredients and both the hair pack and face pack delivered as promised! I found my face clearer and brighter and my hair felt squeaky clean, smooth and super bouncy and healthy. And all this at a fraction of the cost that I would have dished out at a fancy salon. So if you are interested in the pure stuff minus the frills fancies and the overpricing go for these products!”


“The very first thing I noticed after washing off this pack was a beautiful glow on my face and also because I scrubbed my nose a little while washing the pack, I was surprised to see my blackheads gone from my nose. And I was pleasantly surprised that it (the hair masque) didn’t make my hair feel dry or parched which is very unlikely to happen if I don’t use a conditioner. So it definitely did leave my hair manageable”

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“With the summer temperatures soaring high, our skin and hair are at a higher risk of damage from dirt, dust, and sweat. This is where such face and hair masques step in as saviors. The common components in both the skin and hair masques are sun-dried mangoes and guavas. Other than this the face and body masque has fullers earth and neem, while the hair one has curry leaves. Together these ingredients promise to make soothing salves”


“In one application, I could see my face was smoother and cleaner as my blackheads were gone around my nose and cheeks. In the second application, I felt the same way. My skin was smooth and deeply cleansed since it has acne combating ingredients such as fuller earth and need. I did not see any a pimple popping up. It also has sun-dried mango, which helps in reducing the dark spots. This pack also has guava, which is rich Vitamin A and Vitamin C that keep wrinkles at bay.”


“Every time I used this mask, my skin felt super smooth and clean. When they say “Deep cleaning”, they mean it. Trust me, I tried it on my unwashed, super oily “after work face” and this mask did a great job to clean it up. Even though it has super cleaning powers it didn’t make my skin dry. Since the mask is coarse I like to massage it while I am removing it. That helps in exfoliating the skin, so this mask can also act as a scrub. Rating 5/5”